September 9, 2008

A Needed Review

Do you remember Samira? I talked about her some time ago. She is still waiting for a heart, and when I visited her in August she looked a lot thinner. She was weak, she was loosing her faith, and no longer even believes that there is a chance for her. And if she does not get a new heart soon her prospects are grim.
Now I am not someone who wants to shock to get a good result, or to force an opinion. We have free will and should be able to decide for ourselves. But please, let's make it an informed decision...
Here is the Organ Donation Information sites for Germany , USA , Canada , UK . Go there and sign up.

The big machine in front of Samira (little girl in the front) is the pump that is taking over the work her heart can no longer do. She will actually push it around anywhere she goes and she is playing like any other kid, her Mom is always so scared because Samira totally forgets the wires and tubes connected to her.

The young man standing behind her (5th from the left, top row) is called Daniel. He is now 18 years old and is waiting for a new heart since 2006. He had a failed transplantation attempt May 2008, and I have to admire him and his Mother to not give up. Failed transplantations are extremely rare, the new organ did not want to start beating and he luckily survived the re-transplant of his own heart.

Ikbal, who I spoke of before too, has to consider undergoing a new transplant. The current heart which she has been living with for 14 years is starting to show signs of failure.

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