October 2, 2008

Elijah's Easy-On Preview

May I present: Elijah's Easy-On. It is a vest, but on the left side it is open and can be buttoned if the designated wearer prefers to be dressed in an alternate way. My baby does...
This was a pretty quick knit. If other projects had not taken up so much time in between I might have finished this in a few days. The size is generous, but hey, they grow fast and I rather have him look funny for a month than have me do all the work for nothing.
The yarn used is Rowan Wool Cotton, and I do like it for this project even though it is a rather heavy, drapery stuff and it will stretch a bit, so after the fist wash you probably gain 1" in lenght. That is not bad but good to know.
This pattern should be ready to be published this month, but due to a short visit in hospital (again) I am feeling a bit tired, I need to rest a lot and so I am behind in quite a few duties and likes.

On to a different subject: I did receive this book in the mail, send to me by Natalie (from the Yarn Yard in case I did not mention it before, go look at her beautiful stuff!) and she got it for me at the I-Knit in London early September. I did ask if she could bring me something because I am no longer allowed to travel, and it was awfully nice of her to do so. The Yarn Harlot was there, and this book is signed! I don't get very excited about autographed items, but this is very neat. So: Thank you Natalie!


Clare said...

Wow. Elijah really does look like a cross between the two of you. He's awesome and looking very fine in his new jumper.

Jenny said...

What a gorgeous & cheeky looking boy. that vest is a great idea. wish i was knitting when my boy was that little.... would have made him one like it. ... would have been easier to dress him!

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