June 10, 2008

Heart Aches

Let me tell you about Samira. She is a 8 year old girl I became friends with during my stays in Bad Oeynhausen Heart Centre. She is smart and funny, has an exceptionally crazed sense of humor and excels in her classes. She will beat you in Skippo (a card game) so bad that you won't recover from that serious defeat ever. And she just sometimes, sometimes wants to hold your hand and be a bit sad.
Samira has been in hospital for a long time, more than 9 months now, and she is living on a pump, a machine that is bigger than she. This pump is replacing her heart, which is no longer working, and she is waiting for a matching donor. She is even topping the European List, highest priority, but unfortunately for her there just are not enough people donating organs and especially not children's organs. And it is breaking my heart. All she wants is to live, go home to her Mom and Dad, even to her annoying brother (her words).
When I got released we had this conversation:
Samira: "You, when you come back for your check up and I am not there, you know where I am then."
Me: "Yea, I hope I get to visit you on HTX and admire you with your new heart!"
Samira: "No, you silly, I'll be dead. Don't you know that?"

All I can hope is that more people become donors. So we don't need to have too many conversations like this. Here is the sites for Germany , USA , Canada , UK . Go there and sign up. You can only do good.


ysolda said...

I hope she gets her heart. Thank you for the reminder to check whether I was actually registered as a donor.

Irisine said...

I just ordered the organ donor card, Thanks for your entry! Greetings, Iris

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