September 7, 2008

"What Is This" Sunday

Many people do weekly little things on their blog to entertain, there is for example Jinx's WIP of Doom, and others, see Ysolda, have Eye Candy Friday, Rosie-Kim has Thursdays Are For What The Hell Is This just to name a few varieties. The above named do also shine with knitting content, and that of course is the ideal case.

Well, I want something like that too. Might it be the desperation as I can't show my current FO's online as I am a good Christmas knitter (that is going to be some photo heavy post after the Holidays...) or might it be the wish to entertain considering how much fun this could be: that is up for personal interpretation.
But no matter my motivation: I have decided to put my love for the 'macro' setting on my camera to good use, and ask you all once a week: What is this? In the ideal case there should be a few replies in comments, and although there is no prices to be won fame and honor can be gained. So to speak. Well, just do it for the fun, will ya!
Her it comes, the very first...
What Is This?
I hope this does not go down as badly as my occasional polls...


Anonymous said...

A water bottle!

One of the most successful designs of the sixties, in Germany that is, done 1969 by Günter Kupitz.

The official name:
Mehrwegmineralwasserflasche der Deutschen Mineralbrunnen.

Thanks for the game
und alles Gute - margarete

Knittiana! said...

All fame and glory to you, Margarete! All I knew was that it's a water bottle, thank you for educating me... Juliana

Anonymous said...

My pleasure!
I'm curious about next sunday's "What Is This".

Spiffy Knits! said...

I was going to say a golf ball!

Jhadur said...

I was gonna guess it's one of those things you put in laundry to make it all circulate, but I guess those are more spiky than dimpled?
Looking forward to the next round!


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