October 1, 2008

Shopping... And Socks...

There has been knitting. And shopping. Honestly, mostly shopping... but let's talk about knitting first. I finished a pair of socks for a very good friend of mine, Sanda. She has been helping me for a long time, taking care of Elijah when I was in hospital and now after we moved she has super cleaned the new apartment so that Richard and I have less work ahead when we are on our own. But I think I mentioned that previously...
I tried to keep them simple, and to make them nice and warm. and thinking of Sanda's Romanian heritage I added a little detail. I do not have much experience with adorning knitted items, so I decided to try that more often. She was so happy, I should really knit more often for her...
Here you find a blog where Lene is embroidering so beautifully, it's an inspiration. Just take the time to look a bit through the archive and you'll find a lot of treasures.

Now to one of my favorite subjects: shopping for yarn! Now where I moved to Cologne I had to visit Daniela at her shop. And of course there was no 'just visiting'... You see the little niceties I just had to bring along.
We have 'Katia Colibri'.And 'Louisa Harding's Coquette'.
And 'Cedifra Opulenz'.

And since I am way behind in my to-do list for Christmas there will be a few nice one-skein projects.

Oh, in my poll what season people like the best: the result was Fall, with 45% of votes. Followed by Summer (25%), Winter and Spring. Why am I not surprised?

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Jenny said...

Those socks are gorgeous!! Such a beautiful design.

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