September 13, 2008

"What Is This" Sunday

I know. It's too early, we don't have Sunday yet. But due to some unforeseen events I won't be there tomorrow, and as I did not want to miss this fun part of my week I just present you a bit earlier with:

What Is This?
Last week It was: A water bottle. "One of the most successful designs of the sixties, in Germany that is, done 1969 by G√ľnter Kupitz." as Margarete knew. I did not know the fancy facts, just the basic... Thank you! Fame and honor to you!
I personally think this next one is impossible to guess. Unless you know a certain large Swedish... Sorry, can't reveal any more.

Last point on my agenda: you might have noticed that the features on my sidebar change a lot right now. I am experimenting, and hope that all is nice and how I want it pretty soon. Unfortunately I am no HTML genius and totally incapable of creating my own widgets, and Blogger is not exactly widget paradise, (although I am pretty happy whit it otherwise) and moving to another provider just is to much fuss. Right now. Well, for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Looks like paper?
A lamp shade, made out of said paper, maybe?


Jenny said...

I'm totally stumped on this one Juliana! They look like veins!

Jhadur said...

Oh, I was gonna say lampshade. Then how about a cushion?

Hope you had a good weekend :o)

Knittiana! said...

This time I'll wait till Sunday to reveal...

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