September 23, 2008

"What Is This" Sunday

It seems I have some timing issues... But I did successfully move this weekend, and now I even have Internet back. So let's proceed to:

What Is This?
So let's see who knows this.

Last weeks picture was, indeed, of a lamp. It is a lamp my mother bought at this Swedish furniture house, and a f
riend of hers covered it in this interesting paper. Margarete knew this one too, and so once more it is Fame and Honor to you!

Other news: I am doing quite well right now. And I am excited because here in the big city I'll find more knitting and people... And family from the USA is coming in October, that is very nice indeed.
And I am still knitting. Really.


Anonymous said...

Is it one of those textured rubber balls you put in the drier to help laundry dry faster? That's my best guess!

And thank you very much for the cheerleading the other week - it helped more than you know!!!

Jenny said...

I was going to say it is a rubber ball too. didn't know you put them in the drier, but over here, we have balls like that too, but they're for kids or dogs to play with. Very cool, 'cause you never know what direction it will bounce in next!

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better this week. I went to my cardiologist yesterday. Told him I'm going blue every now and then (I know, you are probably blue most of the time!), more than usual. After doing an echo (ultrasound) and discussing a few different options and talking more, he decided that he was happy enough that it wasn't anything major yet, and so not to do anything at this stage. Just to take a break whenever I am doing an activity and go blue, until I get back to a normal colour. I'll see him again in six months, unless anything gets worse.

Sheila said...

I think it looks like a squeaky toy.

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