September 24, 2008


I decided to show some of my Christmas knitting in the hope that the persons involved do not all the sudden decide to visit my blog after all.
Samira does have cold feet all the time, and she loooooves pretty things. Preferably pink, princess related or sparkly. Although I can't really provide her with the named I am able to make her something nice and even girly. I hope it's girly, otherwise it's doomed...

For the second project I can only show one completed sock... And yes, I only have a few details handy. But soon I present a complete pair, since I do not suffer the lonely sock disease.
This pair is for a very nice Lady that has been helping me with my son and the household, I do pay her as much as I can but of course there is no way I can pay her for all the extra work she is doing. So I pay her in warm feet and warm hands. Well, at least it is some form of restitution... And she is one of the few people I know that really understands poverty and desperation. Growing up in a very poor oppressed country she seems to give things the right value. I do learn a lot from her, especially from her humble ways.
The heel I decided to use is the afterthought heel, or at least how I think it might be done. You can find a good take on it here. The sock itself is knit toe up, I still suffer the fear that I might run out of yarn before I am done and so most of my projects are done toe up. Ridiculous, I do know, but I simply can not help myself on this one.
So, I'm off knitting #2...

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Anonymous said...

I like Samira's socks so much!
Would you mind telling which lovely pattern you did use here?
Just bought some green yarn wich would go perfectly with the leaves...

Samira wird sich freuen.

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