September 5, 2008

14 Days Of Sunshine - The Finale

This is the last entry for the 14 Days Of Sunshine. I edited it now as I wrote the first attempt with a rather gloomy mood. But summer is rather fun, so I could not let it stand that way. This entry should be more enjoyable.
The first picture shows a plant in our garden that does attract butterflies like honey bears, yarn knitters or babies diapers. I wish I'd been able to take a picture showing all 10 on this one bush at that time, but I just could not get a good shot.
The butterflies come each year again, they always seem to give summer a last 'hurray' and show up when the first leaves start to get that first yellow edge. We get to enjoy the display for a few days only, then they all vanish.Number two is showing the church my parents are ground keepers for. I just love how well the red stone and the dark green of the plants goes together with that blue sky. It looks a lot better if you stand in front of it.
Thirdly: may I introduce: Schnuffel, the cat. He 'picked' my family, comes and leaves at his desire, (you should hear him whine at 2am in the morning since he does not use a cat toilet. And he is going to continue on whining until someone goes downstairs and opens the door for him...) he eats only the best food available, loooves freshly washed white bedding on a muddy day and is all in all a gigantic diva.
In exchange he keeps the other cats away, presents us with freshly killed presents every 48 hours or so, snuggles and will always come to warm you when you're sick. Oh, and he is a gorgeous cat!
And number four: how could one not love summer sunsets? They seem to promise another wonderful day, and even if that only works 1 out of 10 times it is very pretty. Again: much prettier in person.
Fifth and last for this theme: the Holunder (or Elderberry) is one of the last things to really ripen in summer. I really love this plant, there is so much you can do with it starting with the flowers all the way to the fruit. See some suggestions here, and Empfehlungen here. We make juice and jelly with it, as it has to be cooked well to be fit for consumption!
And at last you can see there has also been some knitting. That's all I can show of it right now (which might be because there is no more to show as of yet...) but if I actually do get a little break this weekend I'll finish this soon.
Elijah has overcome his first children's disease. 3 Day Fever, and considering the amount of paracetamol he as been given (we are very conservative, the maximum daily dosage was never reached...) he also fights a rather fast digestive process. But he's a cheerful little guy and almost back to his usual self. I think that tomorrow I shall sleep till late in the day to regain my strenght and his Dad is going to have some fun baby sitting.

Rather serious news: I now officially "qualify for a listing on the heart transplant list". Bad news. Good news. I can't decide yet. But the timing sucks, I have no permission to travel, won't be able to see my American family clan for Christmas and will also not be able to ever, ever meet all the people I'd love to meet sometime.
I originally was hoping to go to take the opportunity to see the Yarn Harlot in London these days, and I would have also liked to say hello to some of my acquaintances from Edinburgh that are there too. So I'll just have to read all the wonderful blog posts that will follow this event.

If you are one of the lucky people to be there: enjoy, have fun and go see London!


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your "14 Days" entries with such pleasure. In Israel, summer is so abundant that most of us just pull through it and wait for it to be over. It's interesting to see it from a different perspective. Also, you managed to convey the joy of your summer days so well it almost makes me wish summer lasted longer...

Wishing you good health and many exciting travels in your future.

Victoria said...

Thank you for your 14 days! The weather has been terrible here in Glasgow so it has been lovely to enjoy your summer with you.

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