August 21, 2008


This is something that would have never happened in the lovingly colored fluff the knitting world seemed to me, until today. Go and check it out.... and let Franklin know what you think! Oh, and if you happen to know any 'information' about this: let us know! Confess! Repent!

(A little later the same day...)

Since I was quite productive the last couple of days I thought I show you a mini project. I have a bag that I looooove, it is really the only bag that I am using continuously. It has a good size, is made of fabric (machine washable!) and it also provides me with just the right amount of pockets.
I just had one issue with it: the two little ones in the front had a Velcro closure and considering how much knitting travels in this bag this would be considered a mayor no-no, on top of that the two side ones had no closure at all.

I fixed that. Now I like my bag even more, and it
feels like now it really is *mine*. I now can proceed to the almost impossible task of filling it again in an organized and civilized manner, and hope that I don't have to wash it to soon considering how long above task will take. Sometimes it just seems easier to be a bit less picky, but that's me...

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