August 23, 2008

14 Days Of Sunshine - 1

As I had previously mentioned: even we up here in Northern Germany get beautiful Summer days. The sun shines, one might even be able to wear a T-Shirt and not the usual piles of warm and warmer, flowers bloom and a certain peace spreads itself everywhere. People go nuts and eat exclusively outside while burning their food, and a certain longing can be felt everywhere. It is imperative to use sunny days to the full extend, as rain comes in weeks here.

For the next 14 days I just want to show off some of the things about Summer that make me happy. Nothing fancy, just nice. Part 1 is about the common Daisy, or "Gänseblümchen (Bellis perennis)" as they are called in Germany. They make me anticipate and look forward to sunny days as they come just at the beginning of summer. And apparently they also make an exceptional tea that helps with arthritis, my mom knew that one.

Can't wait to teach Elijah how to make a nun chuck out of them.

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