August 16, 2008

Hand Spun The Second

I have finished another hank of wool, spun on the Louet that I have to return soon. I really like what I was able to produce, this is my second try on a wheel and the twining was easier than I thought. Or maybe this time my singles where more evenly spun. The fleece I used was bought at Drachenwolle and it is the Scotland Wool, a very nice fluffy but it is not very soft, but that does not mater as I need it warm and lasting as I think I am going to knit Elijah some warm pullovers for winter. A new wardrobe, considering how much 200g can produce.

And I finally got my own spinning wheel in the mail, it's a cheaper type that you need to assemble for yourself. I am going to have a specialist help me, he is a restaurateur and Carpenter and just has a knack for this type of adventures.
It is a good wheel, I had the opportunity to try it out before I made the decision to buy one. And I will show it off once it has been built and used a bit.

I know it sounds kind of greedy, but I do have a "dream wheel". One day in the far, far future.

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Jenny said...

Wow! You should be really proud of that yarn you have spun! It looks really nice. I can't wait to see photos of your new wheel. I have a lovely wheel - it is a wheel from Majacraft in New Zealand and it is called a "Gem". for me it is my dream wheel as it can fold up and be stored in a bag. It also in an absolute dream to use. I was really lucky and was able to buy it second hand.

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