August 24, 2008

14 Days Of Sunshine - 2

I am not an 'early riser'. But I love the quiet time really early in the morning, before all that noise and business of the day gets going. Only in Summer does one get to really savor this time of day, life is everywhere and the sun has a loving touch.
This year I had only very few mornings to myself, having a baby and living with family can make finding some solitude tricky.
But when I did get the chance I would usually go into the church my parents are ground keepers for, it is a very old, very beautiful church, built in the last 13th century. The ceiling is full of very old drawings, there is an organ from the 18th century and the pastor preaches from a pulpit built in 1794. The denomination that is residing in this church is not for me, that might also be because I am used to independent American churches, but the moments I get to enjoy in this wonderful building are treasured.


secret said...

The ceiling looks beautiful

secret said...

I need to fix my too numerous google id's 'secret' is actually Ysolda!

Jhadur said...

Ooh, those chandeliers look dangerous! Very pretty too, but I hope they're not as head-height as they look :op.

Knittiana! said...

As this is a very old church, everything is a tad smaller... but as long as you are not too tall you don't have as much problems as it might seem.
It has been a problem however that people got hot wax on them, we now only use non-drip candles.
And: more pictures upon demand...:)

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