August 25, 2008

14 Days Of Sunshine - 3

One would attribute 'anticipation' more to spring or maybe even fall, but to me there is quite a bit going on in Summer.
It might seem silly, but as a child I could barely wait for the 'Gewöhnliche Schneebeere' (Symphoricarpos albus) or as one would call it in English 'Common Snowberry' to have its finale. It generally is a white fruit, and when one stomps on it real fast it makes a loud cracking noise. These plants are very common in Germany as, like everywhere, grown ups decide to decorate the landscape with plants that are completely unfit to eat. So on my way to kindergarten and later to school there was always a lot of saving the world to do.
But aside from these trivial and maybe even somewhat scary facts from my childhood this plant does have some beautiful flowers. They delicately hide but they do have a lot to offer.

Yep, but all I keep thinking seing them is: 'I am the Mighty, the Vitamin Powered, the Awesome Crusher of Tummy Ache!'

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