June 17, 2008


I tried to avoid this for a long time. I came up with new excuses every time I did something on my blog, and told myself that all was good. Fact is: there comes a point where everyone has to face the fact that one's blog roll is hopelessly outdated. And not just that, the links are as well.

There is just so much wonderful stuff to discover, people who's blogs a lot of people love (such as this nice Scottish Lady , The Harlot and Chicago's Franklin to name just a few) and of course the ones that are simply liked by me (for example Mr. Transformers Mittens or my personal Lace Queen )for what or who they are.

And then there is of course the never ending collection of wonderful odd or crackling funny stuff. This story for example (please don't be offended if you live in Kentucky, I like it there...) or this critical view at one self.
Shopping... yea, I also need to mention the endless shopping one can do through the Internet. All the sudden even little places like Fowberry Alpacas in the UK are available to me... (I once bought some of the yarn on the Edinburgh Farmers Marked, it is absolutely wonderful.)

Now I feel like I did my duty a little bit... or wait: nothing has been updated yet, I'll just continue to keep my blog roll outdated. But at least I shall not forget now.

What's up with that photo you ask? Well, I hereby prove to some unbelievers that one can grow roses (and beautiful, lice free ones!) at the German north sea coast. Don't ask. It just had to be done...

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