June 16, 2008

Kamikazee Kid

The challenges one faces with a little kid are endless. Looking at my almost 1 year old son, or Kamikazee Kid as I like to call him at this present time, I am just amazed how much one day can change. All the sudden he sits on his own. And I barely turn around and he's crawling.
Seconds later he earns his new "name" by matching each tables corner with his forehead. He's now standing, and -beware!- he'll be running for the stairs any second now. Good that we are putting up gates that only open with a retina-scan!
Yet there is nothing one would want different. How fiercely one can love a human being! And he makes my day with just one little smile.

Oh, and sorry Dad, I am out of touch with time and entirely forgot fathers day. But the card your mom send was very nice, so that has to do for me too, and I'll splurge on a nice round of Italian ice cream next weekend....


Knitman said...

Kamikazee Kid is very cute. And you know I much prefer puppies so he must be cute.

Jenny said...

He is so beautiful!! He looks like a very happy kid.

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