June 18, 2008


I am posting again, there is just so much catching up to do and I really enjoy this right now. The German word "Nachholbedarf" sums it up perfectly. It includes an air of time lost.

First let me show you the pictures of my Heart Cardigan. I love the wool I got to use, Frangipani's stuff is good to knit with and I noticed that the wool softens with each wash. (Yep, this Cardigan has been done for just a little while...and well used.)
I thought of this shape when I looked at the book Knitting in the Old Way where so much information can be found. The wide collar and the simple cut just was most appealing to me, and now I can also say that it wears very comfortable.
The pattern was an easy thought too: I like seed stitch very much, I need healthy hearts and the design in between symbolizes the waves of my beloved North Sea and the winds up here. The buttons by the way are some vintage glass ones that I managed to get from my Mom. She used to have this gigiantic button jar, and one day she decided to donate the buttons. And I got to sift and pick first.
So I am happy with this project. It is very dangerous to just knit on and I did not even do a swatch. (Children, don't do this at home, swatches save projects!)

Now to the next topic, the kindness of people. No, I really have to say I am amazed how much presents I got while in hospital. Granted, I only had someone visit once a week as the hospital is so $@&$!# far away, but still...
The first one I got was a wonderful surprise. I had signed up for a swap but then I got worse and knew I would not be able to participate after all. (To this day I have never been able to be part of a swap!) So I did the proper thing and let the organizers know, so that my swap-partner would not wait in vain.
A couple of weeks later this thick envelope appeared. It was from the swap partner that I would have had, and she wrote me a wonderful letter as well as sending me some neat things. One of which is adorning Mr. Sheep here. Ute, thank you, I can only say you made my week.
Another envelope was waiting for me when I got home. A friend that you also got to know as Mr. Transformer's Mittens had knitted a absolutely fantastic jacket for Kamikazee Kid. It's still a bit big, but at the current rate he'll fit in it perfectly in about 48 hours. (Just kidding, give it 4 weeks or so.) There was also an very thoughtful letter, I was really touched. Well and Baby is happy about something that's soft and snugly.

And of course there are many more to tell about, but they don't read my blog. I'll just hope they are happy with the (most sincere) thanks they got.

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