February 15, 2008

Unfinished Business

Forgotten the plans to only have one project going at the time, but did I really, really think I could manage that? Yea, right. We have what... February. Fine.

It is amazing how easily one gets seduced. I was really working only on the cardigan, a nice, blue, warm, comfortable cardigan for myself. To knit with this wool is a joy, and I was busy and designing and content. But then I remembered that I need to knit more socks, I kept getting cold feet and one of my goals is to never have to wear bought socks again. I just wish I was a lot closer since I lack about 90% of the needed pairs. But at least I am working on fixing this, so I have started a new pair already. After all, one can carry a sock in progress around all the time, everywhere and it just is the perfect on the go thing to have. And there is such a variety on patterns, there is so much I'd like to try still and so many other people to knit socks for.
While I was at this I noticed that my Mama's birthday is coming up soon. So there was another project to tackle, but the problem is that I now live with her and things are harder to hide, especially since there seems to be a great interest in my knitting. And I am at a loss... what could I knit her? It's all in the experimental state as of now. And secret. Sigh.
I also commited to a job: someone would like me to knit a baby jacket, I have about two weeks. I really don't know how I am going to do that, knitting baby clothing is not my strenght and even Elijah has nothing that I would have made for him. I made something like that before and even sold some things, I just don't really enjoy this mini knitting.

On a different note: I have this counter on my blog that also tells me roughly where someone who reads my blog is from, like Australia for example. (Howdy, hope you enjoy what you read!) That is so wonderful about the internet, people all over the world can connect and share interests, just look at Ravelry! where one can really find anything and get organized or famous blogs like the Yarn Harlot who is in Canada. So much to discover, just to keep my blogroll up is hard as I just don't want to leave someone out, but there are just too many to read. So I will just enjoy the variety and keep discovering.

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