February 17, 2008

Free Chart to Try II

This is the chart for "Carola's Mits", just the basic pattern. No explanation as to how to knit the mittens, but here you can find a free pattern for basic two color mittens if you are interested. That page has a lot of interesting patterns and is worth a look.

Besides that I can only tell you how much fun it was to knit mittens like these, I learned a lot and had a great time. I now am experimenting with rowing to make extra, extra warm ones for next winter. And maybe I finally knit some finger gloves, I have not been up for that as of now because I find it so tricky to knit small things. Not that I can't do it, it's just so... I don't know maybe I'm just afraid. But I'll try it.

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mogs said...

Oooh! Thank you. Haven't knitted any mitts this winter - this might be the pattern to get me going.

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