February 10, 2008

Rules Of The Road, Lesson I

Lesson I: To be very visible, no to be extremely visible in any situation.

This hat was custom made for my dear husband, he loves it (see the second photo!) and I just can't wait what he comes up with next. Or shall I say I am a bit scared?

Either way I am glad this project is complete, and he is such a wonderful person, he can make you laugh even if you really, really don't want to laugh because he just made you so mad you can't even say "pft". Totally helpless, he makes me totally helpless. Oh, this one would so be something for him too:
He would love those mits. Can you guess why?


yberry said...

Oh, cute hat, cute husband!

Clare said...

Wow. You finally did make it! I think you pulled it off quite well too. :)

Rosie said...

That is totally awesome! Good to see a DH that appreciates all the hard work it goes into making something!

Latoya said...

What an interesting hat! Wow! It looks nicely done.

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