May 4, 2007

Toe Up Experiment, the Short Row Heel...

As I anticipated knitting a short row heel for the first time just was not without drama... I am not used to feeling this burning sensation between my eyes that you get when something simply goes over your head and frustration threatens to turn you into a hissing banshee. Fortunately the web is like a bottomless pit, and you can find plenty of help such as this very good tutorial which did help me along very well. And eventually even I got it: it is actually not as hard as it seemed at first, but I think I'll keep that tutorial handy anyhow.

I know you all want photographic proof, I promise this weekend I'll comply. I just am not close to a camera/model/proper place so for those reasons I'll hold off. But on a good note: sock #2 is coming along nicely. I know it should have been done. But the dear Doctor was a bit shy about his foot size (he provided shady numbers) so I had to actually unravel heel#1 and extend! But he tried it on bravely and loves the colors. Good. So back to work. I say.

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