April 26, 2007

Look At This!

I do attend a knitting group on Wednesday evenings. OK, I am slacking lately due to being 6 months pregnant now, but I do count myself a part anyhow. What is very neat about this knitting group is that men are knitting here (link to City Knitty) and on top of that it is amazing what they come up with! So much for the misconception that it's a women's thing...

Either way, last night one of these knitting men gifted me with this awesome Torus Family, as well as a pair of Baby Shoes (or tulips, depending on the point of view...). Besides the fact that I did not expect any of this in the first place the whole niceness of this present just blew me away. (My husband who went with me last night actually dared asking me why I am not knitting cool toys like that for our future baby...)
This particular knitting man has a Blog that you should really look at. His thing is Math, Geometry and such and somehow one can tell... But yes, loads of thanks! This is very, very cool and we are debating to just not tell the future baby we got this cool present so we can keep it for ourselves... Just kidding.
I should mention that my benefactor found the pattern for the baby shoes here as he instructed me today. 05/01. So have a go and make some too! They are very nice!


thereyougothen said...

i didn't realise you had so much on your blog! and if i'd been reading I would have known about your future baby ahead of last night!
i'll be readng via my livejournal friends page to keep up now!

Leah said...

Cute gifts!!!!!!

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