May 5, 2007

Something New To Play With

There is a new thing for us wool lovers out there. You should go and have a look at this new site called Ravelry , you can log your projects, patterns, there is a section to list all your needles and your yarn. You also get to browse other peoples patterns and more, more, more. While you are at it: check out frecklegirl's blog, she has more information available, and a very cute dog...

It is not open for the public as of yet, but the Ravelry team works hard on getting it opened up as soon as possible. There is a lot to get ready and the creators want to make sure that they can keep up with the increasing interest. You can however sign up to be a beta tester, more information will be on the website.

Now if this entry looks familiar to you: I actually copied Ysolda's blog with this, she advertised so well that I did not think there would be any harm in putting up a picture of the site myself. So go look at Ysolda's blog, she too has a lot to offer! (You might have seen some of her nice designs in

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