May 7, 2007


Here is the proof: I did knit a short row heel... Unfortunately we where unable to obtain a very good picture, but the thought counts in this instance...
My husband modeled, if you look closely you will see that his knuckle is swollen... he managed to hurt himself and it is taking it's sweet time healing. I know he will be fine but I wish he'd stay of his feet more.
I am still working on sock #2, I seem to get sidetracked a lot, the weather has been nice and I spend a lot of time organizing the apartment to suit the baby that will be arriving in 3 months.


Cactusneedles said...

Cool colors and great looking sock. Hope he's okay. Have a nice day!

Dipsy said...

Your short row heel looks fantastic! I haven't tried out this heel version yet but plan to do so with my next sock project - but somehow I doubt that I'll get it to look as neat and evenly as yours! Great work!
And hey, all the best to your husband, I hope his ankle is better by now!

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