May 23, 2007

More Knitting In Progress...

Now where I seem to have more time on my hands (as I am supposed to take it easy, way easy) I seem to start a lot of knitting projects. Please feast your eyes on the vibrant colors to your left, my swatch (yes, I knitted a swatch!) for another baby blanket is just brimming with acrylic magic. That's what you get when you let your husband choose the yarn, but I should have known... See exhibit A... the socks he wanted me to knit him last year. He just has a thing for very bright color choices, and I am loving it as I would never ever knit that for myself, ever... He does have to wear a suit all day which does make for some bland work day color choices... So imagine him being rebellious: he sits down in his meeting, wearing a nice pin stripe dark blue suit, a nice white shirt and an appropriate tie. Shoes polished, but oh, what's that?! The socks, look at the socks... (He does this. Really. People love it.)

I have been up to more than just reminiscing though. I started a pair of socks for myself, with more of that famous Yarn Yard Yarn, and the pattern is from here although I am knitting the body of the sock (one at a time!) toe up again so I can practice some more. (By the way: the first pair of toe up socks was happily received by my Doc, mensch was he happy!)

Otherwise I am doing well, baby is actually very well. We had our 28 week appointment today, and the midwife and the doctor are happy but just keep telling me again to take it easy, of course I am more than happy to oblige as the alternative would be bed rest. Not good knitting then, I am only envisioning a very, very grumpy me if bed rest really happens. Wish me luck.


Cactusneedles said...

The bright colors are great. My hubby does that with socks, too. Especially store bought Christmas socks. He used to have a fun sock Friday and all his office would wear their craziest socks. Don't you just love that Knitty website? They have some great patterns. Take care. :)

theblondeknitter said...

how great is that to be officially ORDERED by your doc to take it easy and to be able to use that time to knit?!
by the time you deliver, they may have to dig you out from under the mountain of goodies you've knit up!

Jhadur said...

Ooh, is that blanket one of those entrelac thingies?

Happy resting!

Knitman said...

I love those colour block socks. really good.


hello, thanks for the comment on my blog. I really would love to see your husband's stripey jumper!

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