May 21, 2007

Odds (New) and Ends (Old)

So here is the picture of my first (let me emphasize that... #1) pair of toe up socks. I am quite pleased, and on Wednesday they will be delivered to my Doctor, he'll be happy... I just wish he did not have such long feet.
It feels good to know how to do this, I will probably knit a lot more socks toe up. The heel is nice but I will also teach myself the Dutch Heel for this, and I am still looking for a nice bind off at the top. Maybe a nice sewn one? Elizabeth Zimmerman explains how to in her book "Knitting Without Tears" if I am not mistaken. (Please feel free to correct me...)

Since I am having this baby in about 10-12 short weeks I decided I should get going on some stuff.
So I started a baby blanket, as my Mom has been telling me all these horror stories about babies needing gazillions... apparently I was one of those who always wanted to share my meals as a newborn. (Yes, I do know about the cheap receiving blankets one should really use for that... I'll have plenty.)

Since we're at it: me and the baby are doing well. I am amazed that one can enjoy pain so much, after all this little one is getting strong and kicks a lot, preferably in my kidneys and my lower abdomen. But I have been told my my diligent team of doctors that taking it really easy is the way to go. I am not on bed rest, but the next best thing.
Wish me sanity. I can't even sit still through a movie.


Susan said...

Gorgeous knits! and congrats on becoming a Mommy!!!
They say babies are lulled to sleep by your movement all day, so as soon as you try to be still & relax...Wamo! It's party time.
Best of luck w/the pregnancy & getting all your knits finished up.

Knitman said...

I like this pair too. Great colours. You certainly have good colour sense.

rathgild said...

Remember you have a blanket coming from me (which I need to hurry up and finish) and I have a couple of really cute baby patterns that I've been itching to knit. I need to clear some of the existing pieces first though. So many projects so little time.

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