April 19, 2007

How do YOU like to knit socks?

I am very happy that people did reply to my question! I love to learn more, and I am glad I'm not the only one a bit afraid of toe up socks or new things...

-To the Flaming Massage Sock: yes, the bottom is knitted in garder stitch. I just don't know how to express things easy as English is my second language and I lack the simple terms sometimes. (You might notice that I butcher things, and oh am I glad for spell check!)
-My dutch heel is the kind of dutch heel my Mom taught me in Germany. It would be no surprise to me if there is different versions out there, and I might be off and it's some other German idea of the dutch heel.
-A star toe is the way I like to decrease. Let's say I have 80 stitches total and want to decrease for the toes, I knit as follows:
Slip, slip knit (Slip one stitch, then slip the next. Insert left needle into the front loops of the slipped stitches and knit them together from this position through the back loops, also known as ssk), knit 9, ssk, knit 9, continue like that all the way around.
Knit 1 row.
Ssk, knit 8, ssk, knit 8, continue like that all the way around.
Knit 1 row.
Ssk, knit 7, ssk, knit 7 , continue that all the way around .... and so on until I have only 8 stitches total left. I cut the yarn and just pull it through the remaining loops, pull tight, done!
I don't know what this toe would be called officially, but I like it as it is very hard wearing.

I did master the Short Row Heel by now, but photographic proof and details follow at another time... I also started to update my blog roll. Started.


Leah said...

Those socks look great! I'm behind on bloglines so I missed your sock question.

I *personally* love to knit toe up socks with a short row heel. They just seem to knit faster to me. I don't know why but they do!!

Knitman said...

Thank you for the instructions. I shall try on my next socks.

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