March 11, 2007

What's new?

So now I have not been knitting since Christmas, pretty much. I guess sometimes life just gets out of control and so much crazy stuff has happened, from a death in my family to some really good news in my own life.
But I'm ready now to pick up the needles again. First order of business: that lingering Guernsey for my long suffering friend. She's been waiting so long now, and I just decided I did not like the design. I unraveled all 60% completed, and redesigned the whole thing. It will be worth it! And I feel some new energy, so I'll be able to complete this in acceptable time.
Next: the shawl for my Mom. do not like it anymore. The yarn? I am not sure. The pattern? I don't know. I think I just need to try something new altogether... My Mom has been waiting for a long time too, usually I am fast...
But most everyone is very forgiving, except the one pair of socks I need to make. So maybe that will be a small project to ease the Guernsey along. Good knitting!

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