March 18, 2007

Oh the pictures I could show you...

If my laptop was not broken and Lynix (my husbands laptop is running on that...) would accept photos from my digital camera. But unfortunately it does not, and now I'm sitting on a newly started cardigan (from what used to be the 'Best Friends Guernsey" in progress) and some very lovely socks with lacy accents... In my Mothers favorite color scheme. The yarn is from the Yarn Yard, another beautiful skein of sock heaven!

On a different note: I really like to read other knitters blogs. Some are popular, some are not very well known. But the variety of things to see and learn is just amazing! So it struck me a bit odd that there are a lot of people out there who won't even consider a blog if it does not get an appropriate amount of comments, let's say 50 at least. Why is that? Should it matter? Sure, each their own. No criticism intended, really. But there are so many wonderful blogs out there that are not popular at all, and yet the content is amazing. Ah, I should probably update my list!

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ambermoggie said...

I never look at how many subscribe or comment. I just go for the ones that interest me and have lots of good content(and pictures:))
amber in scotland

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