January 19, 2007

Knitting Again!

This is the last present that I had to finish. A pair of socks for the cousin from Las Vegas. I hope he does need these there, but although he proclaims himself to be always warm and never cold he thinks my Husband and I are fits of nature as we do sleep with the window open unless it is REALLY freezing. So I guess they will be loved and well worn...
The yarn used is from The Yarn Yard and I really liked the feel of it as I was knitting! I have 2 more skeins sitting here and am tempted to let some other projects sit a little longer so I can make another pair of socks for myself. But that would be selfish and not exactly what I promised before.
The second picture is showing my favorite way to knit toes. I just like the way it wears well and seems to fit all kind of feet, even people with pointy toes. (My Husband agreed to be my model. Hence the hairy legs...)
So now I am working on the next item on my list. Originally I promised my Mama a cardigan, and we bought the yarn in Germany in early 2006 (the yarn is just soooo much cheaper there,really!) and now she has been waiting and waiting and finally I am working on her.... shawl. Yes, shawl. I just could not bring myself to make her a cardigan with this, somehow I had tis picture of waves stuck in my head and since she does live at the Nordsee (North Sea) I felt it was a fitting choice. I am hoping she agrees. But she is very forgiving, and she will get a guernsey instead. Maybe even this coming winter! The yarn is 'La Grossa, Silana' and it is very very soft and soooo nice to knit with.


Hugh said...

The yarn yard wool is very cool - stripy *and* masculine! :o)

natalie said...

They look great. It's interesting how the yarn knits up differently for different sizes... I know it WILL do this, because the round is a different size on a man's sock, but I can only test knit it on one size or I'd spend all my time knitting instead of dyeing :)

Knitman said...

I have been looking thru your blog. Am impressed by your work. Love these socks-the colourway. Also am veyr impressed with your mittens. I am just now forcing myself to learn to knit fairisle by hand. Challenging to say the least but I think I have got there. Have had to change my knitting technique but I think it is working out well.

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