March 19, 2007

Tadaaaa, a Sneak Preview!

I am amazed at how easy it all the sudden was to upload the pictures from my camera to a Lynix run computer to my blog... I guess sometimes one just has to be willing to experiment and all the sudden I am much more comfortable using my husbands laptop. OK, I still want mine back.
The first picture shows #1 of a pair of socks I am working on for my mother. After I abandoned the shawl I was going to make her it seemed prudent to not abandon her completely. After all she has been waiting for a long time, first the cardigan, the shawl... The yarn is another beauty from the Yarn Yard.
Same could apply to a very, very good friend of mine who is living in the USA. I promised her a cardigan about a year ago, and after completing 60% of the Guernsey I eventually started working on I decided to start over and respect her wishes a bit more. She did ask for a cardigan after all, but I will reserve some 'artistic liberties'. (Sounds scary depending on how well you know me.)
I do feel guilty about taking so much time to complete these projects! I usually do well with deadlines, and finish things in a decent time span. But there is hope out there!
Note on socks: socks just are the best little carry-with project. I fit them in any purse or bag I might be using, they don't usually interfere with bigger projects I am working on and they are a wonderful breeding ground for crazy experiments and ideas. I do have a friend who wants to learn how to knit socks and I can't wait to teach her! It is always very exciting to see someone else getting addicted.

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ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

I love the pattern you are using for the socks. It looks very nice. And of course the colorway is great!

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