January 15, 2007

Knitters Block?

I have been doing some 'inventory' and noticed that I have not been knitting much at all in the last 3 weeks... To me that is a rather astonishing development as I am permanently attached to my knitting, usually at least. Sure, there is stuff happening in my life that makes it a rather chaotic one at the time (not in a bad way) and I moved continents and I just went to Germany for my first Christmas there in 7 years. But no knitting? That requires some reflection.
It is not even a lack of ideas. I have plenty to work on, my own patterns and bought patterns that need trying out. I have a good yarn stash, I am not disliking the idea of starting a new project and there are not too many projects unfinished. Very few are 'on-demand' and require real effort. I actually have time to knit, and plenty too. So what is it?
So I went and looked at the years I have been knitting now. Sorry, I know it sounds cheesy, it's not that long after all. I think I did explore a lot of things, I did even tackle my biggest fear and nemesis - the sock... But I am somewhat partial to what I like and don't like. I like to knit Lace, Fair Isle, Two Strand Color Knitting, Structured Knits and now anything socks. I love the 1940's and Traveling Stitches. I really don't like the Color Knitting that uses more than 2 colors at once, it just confuses my simple mind I guess. I don't like to knit bulky stuff or fuzzy stuff, the interesting new yarns that one can buy just don't ring with me. For some reason I don't really like to knit for Baby's, not to say I don't like them I just don't like knitting for them. Although I (secretly) admire all the ones who whip up these gorgeous Baby creations to adore those little bundles of joy. I do like to design my own stuff jet I lack some understanding of technique since I am stubbornly self thought. And I am my own worst critic, just ask my husband who likes to wince in agony when I just got to unravel something (again) because that one stitch in row 35...
But I'm digressing. I think the reason why I am not really knitting at the moment (aside from my chaotic life right now) is the fear that I might get stuck with my likes and dislikes, that I might miss out on something cool because I refuse to try it or perhaps there is a fear of not being able to improve my skills. Not that they don't need improving, trust me they do! But somehow I have not really tried as much new stuff as I was hoping to in 2006 and although I am very pleased with my projects I just want more. New experiences, new techniques, new stuff period.
And I want to knit for myself. Oh yea, maybe this is the year I actually manage to be selfish, to turn down the big eyes that look at me longing for a new pair of socks or a new shawl... right. It's always worth a try.

So I guess I better get moving and stop complaining...

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