January 12, 2007

How Small The World Is!

When I sat down at my weekly knitting group on Wednesday I noticed that one of the Ladies there was working on a shawl using a pattern that looked very close to the pattern I used in my Red Lace Shawl. The pattern I used is a pattern I saw on the internet in 2004 and modified to suit my needs.
I am somewhat excited, because the pattern she was using is working very well with all kinds of yarns and colors! So here is the pattern the Lady at my group used and you just need to click the link to be taken to the Spring 2005 issue of Knitty.com
So enjoy! And it just goes to show that one can modify and/or invent a pattern but often it really is only a reinvented new version of something old.

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Sally said...

Hi Juliana, I am that lady! I just wanted to say that it was seeing your beautiful lace which actually inspired me to attempt my own, I hope that one day I can create something as beautiful and intricate as you do. And a word for everybody else: don't be afraid to try lace! If I can do it, believe me, you can too, and it is just so enjoyable and rewarding to knit. See you Wednesday Juliana! Sally

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