January 7, 2007

Blogging and Comments

Sure, here she goes again. Rambling on about herself....
Actually I wanted to thank those few people who actually leave me nice comments and who have suggestions or experiences to share. I like to 'present' my knitting and ideas (and yes, rambling thoughts) to a broader audience, and the point being is the learning and reaction.
I remember the first real critique I got on something I knitted. A couple of years ago, when I just started to knit obsessively again I made myself a cardigan and did not follow instructions, of course. I have to mention this because at the time I was frequenting a knitting shop in town and the owner, a lovely old lady, was very keen on sharing her knowledge and always warned me to 'knit my swatches, measure etc, etc...' All things I just did not do very often at the time. (And when I say nice old lady I mean the kind that is so sweet at heart, but that could tear you to pieces in just under 4 words....) Her opinion really meant a lot to me and the day I took this cardigan there was rather intense. After all I did this not following her instructions and she was known to be harsh. To my amazement she really liked it and did indeed only give me one or two pointers, good ones at that. I doubt I would have stopped to knit had she not liked it, but the fact that she sat down with me and actually took the time to talk to me and ask me about some things she saw right and wrong was very nice.
I should mention that at the time I was very deprived of fellow knitters. Any social exchange with a knitting context just was fantastic.

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