January 3, 2007

A Free Chart To Try

I have been asked about this pattern, and so I decided to at least publish the chart. For right now I am still going over my patterns, I need to write them into a format that can be easily downloaded. (Which is one of the plans for 2007.) I hope you can use this and... enjoy.

-I used Jaeger Matchmaker Wool, and 2.5 mm needles.
-Stitch #1 and #40 can be purled if desired. It seems to shape the edge well.
-The green on the chart is the 'secondary' color.
-The black dot in row 4 indicates where I started the thumb increases. Of course you can do the thumbs any way you like....

So, simple and easy. Please feel free to email me with any questions! I gladly answer any and every.


Please do not use this chart for commercial purposes. You may print a copy for your personal use. © Knittiana!


mogs said...

Oooh! Thanks for the chart. Still haven't got round to knitting a pair of patterened mittens.
Just catching up with your blog.. love the pink and orange mittens. A truly inspired colour choice there.

Ulla said...

Thank you for your lovely design.

dawn said...

This is an interesting, different design. Thanks for sharing it.

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