December 7, 2006

The "Purple Swirl" Mittens

This is the second pair I knitted. My "Purple Swirl Mittens". These are the smallest ones, and fit me quite exactly. So I have tried some new stuff on these, and because I kept the yarn transfers so tight they are especially fluffy.
Again I choose a pattern that goes from the left hand to the right, and it turned out quite well. My favorite part is the palm, I switched the base color for the left one and now I have two different palms , and yet the same.... Here to are some irregularities that occur because I knit quite tight and carry the yarn only so short distances. But when these get washed and worn they to will become smooth and extra soft. Mmmmmm. Spiffy.

1 comment:

marsy marts said...

incredible design! great colors, too!

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