December 7, 2006

The "Man" Mittens

This is the first pair of mittens I made. It really was a breeze, the idea is simple, I was able to just sit down comfortably and just go. It was a small pain to chart everything afterwards, but I would just need to learn, right?
You might wonder why I called them "Man" mittens. I guess they just are big, grey and black, a ribbed cuff for minimal resistance where you to try to get your hand in, a simple and definitely not 'girlie' pattern, whatever that would be. So in essence just the kind of mittens my husband would request. Or close. He might prefer black and yellow...
He did tell me what color I should use and he really likes the zig zag on the palm. The part that pleases me the most is the soft light feel they have. I knitted them in 4-ply wool with 2.5 mm needles, so there is actually some air getting in between the fibers. And the 'waviness' from carrying the yarn in the back will diminish as they get worn and washed. These will last forever I think...

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