December 7, 2006

My "Ranking" Mittens

Well, here they are: pair # 3. My favorite actually. That is because I put a cable in the cuff, and because I just love making up my own patterns. For this one I actually worked of a chart I created to make it easier with all those repeats. Counting can get to you....
The palm was knitted with an easy repeat that created a 'ribbed' effect. Just in case there is ever snow here and one needs that extra cushioning. You never know...
The unevenness from carrying the yarn is the strongest on these mittens. But it will come out as well. The good thing really is that my mittens are very sturdy, and will last a very long time.
Now let's see: can I make it without knitting for 24 hours? My hand could really need the break. Pffft, like that is going to happen!

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dana said...

I am quite in awe of these mittens. I'm curious about how you go about creating the graphs. Also, would you consider publishing the graphs or mitten patterns? Thanks.

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