August 31, 2008

14 Days Of Sunshine - 9

Breaking News: Science proven wrong!
Despite all research and many conclusive studies it has been noticed that Human Babies do get sick! What has been attributed to too warm clothing, hunger or bad temper is really fever, sore throat and body ache. This is revolutionary, especially since we know how to treat common diseases but struggle to wear adequate clothing, eliminate hunger or stop fighting.

Please call 1-800-OhSoSurely with any questions or comments.

OK, originally this was supposed to be a blurp about how much I love summer because I can just grab my son and go outside to snuggle and play. It is so tough to get this little guy into a full onion layered, water proof and machine washable winter gear that is appropriate for our muddy, cold and very muddy (I did say that twice on purpose!) so-called-winter. Oh, and after he did have a lot of fun we need to get the baby out of the clothing and that without ruining the whole interior from the door to the bathtub.
But I am also looking forward to winter, because I can see the little face he'll make when he grabs mud for the first time.... priceless.

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