August 30, 2008

14 Days Of Sunshine - 8

Today we shall talk about 'Family Barbecues'. As we have short summers here (like I mentioned previously) we tend to eat our food outside as much as we can. We just trow it in hot oil or burn it on coals, and it does taste great although it does not make us healthier as a whole. We also have a tendency to consume plenty of beer as you can see proudly displayed by my little brother. He can guzzle this stuff, and he does not seem to be affected by it at all. Scary. And the cowboy hat? It has since suffered a sad demise, and we are now looking for a good replacement. Living on the other side of the planet this is tricky indeed.
I do like to add that I never had any drinking skills, and that grilled tofu is a very yummy treat. and if you ever wondered: no, we German's don't ever consume our beer warm. It should be nice and cold, thank you.

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