August 28, 2008

14 Days Of Sunshine - 6

Newest scientific studies seem to indicate that teaching your child how to fly should not be delayed to much! Contrary to previous opinions: starting at the same time the child seems to be able to walk with assistance seems of the essence, as otherwise the 'walking' reflex will be much more developed, so much that flying becomes a unnecessarily complicated process.
As we can see in this picture one can support the child's learning process with some easy exercises. In this case just making the motions and getting the child used to the sound of passing air will give this little human the needed self security.
Repeated on a daily basis, just 30 minutes at a time we can ensure that our children get the tools they need to be strong and successful beings.

For more information please call us. Just dial 1-800-OhSoSurely.
Ok, I admit that had not much to do with sunshine, besides the fact that it is so nice and warm in summer that horsing aroind outside is a lot less complicated.

Before I got so very sick we used to travel all the time. One could say that every time we saved up some money we jumped in the car or the train and took of until the money ran out. Roughly. I have really seen a lot, (40 States in the USA, Germany, France, Turkey, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal and of course a lot in the UK.) and I am going to miss traveling greatly. I have not sen the other half of the planet, or south of the Equator.
One of the most beautiful places I traveled to was the Isle of Skye, where you can find the wonderful Shilasdair Yarn Company. The nature is just awesome, and thinking back to the beauty I know I will always miss Scotland. I would move back in a flash.

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Jenny said...

I am loving this running commentary on your summer! The photo's especially are great! You have one very cute child there by the way.

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