April 1, 2008

An (Almost) Perfect Solution

My whole life I was somewhat annoyed with being organized. In school one had a notepad for homework, a class schedule and then any and all folders for all the different subjects. At work we had a folder for each report, each week, month, year. Man, that's exhausting, isn't it?

Now I don't have a problem with being organized, don't get me wrong. It is important to be organized although every person has a different idea of how this should work. I personally would need four things: a diary, a calendar, a scribble pad, an address book. Problem is that all four at once take a lot of room to carry around, it's potentially very heavy and takes valuable room away from my carry along knitting project.
You might think this is a very silly thing to talk about, but I remember how happy I was to find a simple solution for my problem: a "One-Page-One-Day" calendar, one that has a pocket for miscellaneous pieces of paper and a small address book to take out. Simple things can make happy, see?

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