March 30, 2008

Free Pattern: Socklettchen

My Mother-in-Law just loves summer. She works in her garden, lounges, makes her rounds in the pool and simply does all the things possible in warm weather. But somehow she is a woman that gets cold feet really easily, and so she needs something that is light enough to be worn during a hot and humid Chicago summer, but also gives a bit of warmth when needed.
I designed these Socklets for wearability, they are lofty and light. They can be worn in the house just as a bit comfort, they can be worn with shoes as they are nice and short, and I hope maybe even with sandals. Cotton was my first choice, but I think that other plant materials might be interesting too.

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37 EU, 7US, a small woman’s foot.

Finished Measurements:
Toe to gusset: 18cm/7 3/8"
Toe to heel: 24cm/9 1/2"

Heel to cuff: 14cm/5 1/2"

Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton, Festa, 100g , knitted with 2 Addi Turbo Circular needles, 2mm

(2" or 5cm square: 15 st, 24 rows. )

Pattern Notes:
A tutorial for the "Figure 8 Cast On" can be found here
and another similar one here.
The sock is worked in the round using 2 circular needles. The pattern can be adapted for use with 4 and 5 needles etc.
M1: pick up the yarn between 2 stitches, see how too here. There you need to find the description for M1F, or pick any of the other increases if they suit you better.


Lace Pattern:
Divide by 5 st,
1. Row: k2, yo, ssk, k1 repeat
2. Row: knit
3. Row: knit
4. Row: k2 tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk
5. Row: knit
6. Row: knit
Repeat pattern (and work up to desired length)

Cast on 24 st, work 2 rounds, then start to increase.
Increase as follows:
1.Row: k1, M1 (see Pattern Notes), k10, M1, k2, M1, k10, M1, k1
2. Row: knit
3. Row: k1, M1, k12, M1, k2, M1, k12, M1, k1
Continue until 60 st are achieved.

The directions are for the top of the foot, so you need to divide the 60 st into 30 st for the top, and 30 st for the bottom of the foot. The bottom is worked plain each row.

1. Row: k2, yo, ssk, k1, repeat 5 more times.
2. + 3. Row: knit
4. Row: k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, repeat 5 more times..
5. + 6. Row: knit
Repeat rows 1-6 10 times or add repeats to adjust length.

Work top of foot in Pattern as before. You now work with the bottom/sole stitches.
Increase as follows:
1. Row: k1, M1, k28,M1, k1
2. Row: knit
3. Row: k1,M1, k30, M1, k1
4. Row: knit
Continue like this until 7 increase rows have been worked. (So you now have a total of 74 st or 44 for the bottom/sole.)

The top stitches rest until further notice.

Setup Row: k15 +14 st, turn work (you should still have 15 unworked st on your needle).
1.Row: sl1 st , purl 12 st, k1, turn work.
2. Row: sl1 st, k13, turn work.
Repeat row 1 + 2 until you have worked 16 rows, you should end with a purl row

Knit 14st, now pick up 8 st on the side of the heel flap.
Continue row, including the front, in pattern until you get to the part of the heel flap that has no stitches picked up yet.
Pick up 8 st. You should now have 30 st around your heel flap + 15 st on each side of the heel flap.

Setup Row: k to end of heel flap, p2tog (one from the heel flap and one of the extra stitches), turn work.
1. Row: p29, k2tog (one from the heel flap and one of the extra stitches), turn work.
2.Row: k29, p2tog (one from the heel flap and one of the extra stitches), turn work.
Continue until all st on each side of the heel flap are knitted. You should end with a purl row.
Turn work so the front is facing you.

Work 2 rows in pattern, then start to work pattern around the whole leg. This should fit 12 times.
Repeat rows 1-6 two times.
Repeat rows 1-3 one time.
Now purl one row, knit one row, (this is a special row we need for the ending, we'll call it row E) purl one row.

For the picot ending:
1.-5. Row: work in stockinet stitch.
6. Row: yo, ssk, yo, ssk, continue to end of row.
7.-12. Row: work in stockinet stitch.

Cut the yarn so that you have a bit more than arms length.
Thread the yarn on a sewing needle.
Keep the stitches on the needles and turn the work so that the inside faces you.
Now thread the needle through the first loop on the needle and then through the corresponding loop in row E.
Continue to end of row.
Sew in loose ends.

Remember, the inside is facing you, and even though it might seem odd for the first few times you will achieve a nice, neat edge. But before you sew in the loose end on the cuff make sure you can fit the sock on your foot, because you are sewing the edge it might pull too tight.

How to sew on row E:

Chart for lace pattern:

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