March 1, 2008


Here it is, the first glimpse of the Baby jacket that I personally thought would never happen. And I need to confess that I am actually having fun! I never thought I would, even my own Son has no knitted items of mine maybe that will change now.

I like to knit Bobbles, but I tend to take a real shortcut. I am not sure where I heard of this, I think it was someone’s blog and I do remember that person got it from someone else as well and then I messed with it some more. (As there is always this hot topic Copyrights..... )

To make a Bobble:

-Pick up the thread between 2 stitches. Knit, purl, knit, and purl on it so you have 4 stitches.

-Slip the stitches back on the left needle, and knit again.

-Slip the stitches back on the left needle a second time and knit again.

-Now slip the stitches back on the left needle knit 2 stitches together through the back of the loop, and knit 2 stitches together.

-Now you still have 2 extra stitches, since you picked up between your counted stitches. I usually finish the row, and on the way back (or next row if you knit in the round) I slip the stitch before the first bobble stitch, and then that first bobble stitch, and knit them together through the back of the loop. Then I knit together the second bobble stitch and the following stitch. (Gosh, I hope this makes sense!)

Well, I hope this helps.

On a different note: my Son has discovered that bars keep him in. He wants’ out. And it's funny, because he tries to pull himself through the bars, up on the bars, or gen

erally against the bars. It's funny. Not much longer and he'll sit up on his own.

About me: I think that all in all I'm doing fine. Considering things. But on Thursday (the coming one) I have a Cardiology Ambulant Assessment because I am still not officially on the transplant list. Over the last 4 weeks since my last visit in the Clinic I have not improved, and some new issues emerged, but I hope that they are related to the medications I'm taking. But that would not be good either, so I got to just think of that as the lesser evil.

Well, they always tell you to bring a packed bag... So I might be gone for a while. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

oh good luck, indeed! all fingers are crossed. hopefully you can take your knitting with you. the baby jacket looks like it will be beautiful when it is done. but bobbles? nope, not for me!

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