September 21, 2007


Well, hello again... the good news is that I started to knit something again. A blanket for myself, I seem to need something soft, warm, big and safe to snuggle up into. Beautiful Alpaca, very nice and good to knit with.

Bad news: I had an MRI last week. The damage to my heart is a lot worse than we thought. Life will be scary and very uncertain for some time to come. We are trying to find out what exactly happened, and we are hoping that medicines will fix the problem eventually. The alternative does not bear thinking about.

Thankfully I have this. A lot to live for. And friends that think of me.

Disclaimer: this blog was never intended as a personal forum, merely as a knitting blog for informative purposes. Things change. What can I say...


thereyougothen said...

Oh Juliana, what can I say? many hugs, to you and yours. and what a beautiful picture! take good care, and keep us posted, always. much love, Alison

ambermoggie said...

sending healing thoughts. And hey it is your blog and for me knitting and personal go together
amber in england

Ama said...


I've been reading your website for a while now without daring to comment, just admiring your knitting, but I feel like doing it now, knowing how sometimes a word of solace can help going through such times: Ich w√ľnsche Dir und Deinen Liebsten ganz viel Kraft und Mut.

Alles Liebe


Katherine said...

Hi, I don't think we ever met at City Knitty but just wanted to wish you well.

Take care.

Fannie said...

Hey, I come here through Ysolda's blog. I wanted also to wish you well. Rest well, take strength in your lovely boy and many many healing thoughts. Fannie

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