September 12, 2007

Not So Good News And Still No Knitting....

I am not so sure where to begin just here... The last couple of entries all where the same: sorry, no knitting. Baby is great, yes I was in hospital again but I am out now... Sorry to all who e-mailed me and who I owe a reply among other things.
Well, there is not much changing. I have been in hospital (again) for 2 weeks, and this time there has been a confirmed diagnose. Which means a lot of things will change around here.

I have always had a heart problem. I was fine and had a pretty normal life, the term is Tetralogy of Fallot IV for those who like to look up this stuff. So we did know that the pregnancy would prove a challenge, but everyone (doctors, consultants etc) where hopeful about the outcome. But it turns out that I have developed heart failure, and spending the better part of 12 weeks in hospital and 4 months in bed has left me very weak and in need of full time care.

My mother has come from Germany to take care of me and the baby for now, (which is nice as I get to be home and eat good food and get cuddles) she is used to me being sick and hence coping well. My husband has been granted 2 months compassionate leave from work to continue the care and by that time we will also know if I am in need of surgery to repair some of the damage done to my heart valves.

All this is a lot to take in for us. All the sudden I am out of breath walking from my bed to the sofa, and a couple of months ago I hiked up some mountains (smaller ones....) happily and fit. Even knitting is too much to focus, but at least it is itching in my fingers and I have resumed the healing fondling of my yarn stash.

My lovely son is doing splendid. He is the sunshine in all of this, he grows and develops so nicely that it is a joy to watch him. He is catching up on his weight and his mind is so sharp there is no hiding from my baby.... fantastic! I am so happy to have him, even though I am not able to fully take care of him now (changing diapers etc is tough) I get loads of cuddles and snuggles and giggles and all the things we both need.

That's the news. My families life is changing and it might be quiet for some time now. But please continue to tune in. One never knows what happens next. Literally.


Glenna C said...

I am sending virtual hugs and good thoughts your way! I hope you can continue to get some rest and recovery, and keep on hugging that yarn. As my friend says, "hugging your yarn is always the correct answer." All my best wishes to you and your family.

Alison said...

oh poor you, poor all of you, at least you are home with nothing to do but have time with your baby, your husband and your mum. your life will not be so quiet later, so making the most of it now is probably a good idea! much love and strength, Alison

mogs said...

Belated congratulations on the birth of your son. So sorry to hear that you aren't well, I kept hoping to see you back at Chai soon. At least you are having lots of time for enjoying your son and yarn with the enforced rest. Hope you manage some knitting soon. Miss you!

Rosie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the bad news! It doesn't sound like much fun. I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Just concentrate on getting better!

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