August 15, 2007

Some Knitting (And Else)

After being readmitted to hospital for another week (don't ask, it's absolutely scary but I am sooo much better now!) and having been traumatized and scarred for life, me and Elijah and his so busy and brave dad are blissfully united and happy at home. No, absolutely blissful!
My dear husband was not only taking care of me until I got readmitted, but then he was taking care of Elijah all by himself for the week and he just did so good I had to mention his heroism.

I have to admit that not much knitting has been taking place. But a rather long while ago I finished a pair of socks for my husband, with some very beautiful yarn, "Meilenweit" from Lana Grossa. The pattern is derived from a pattern in the book Favorite Socks, I must admit I don't know the name of the pattern or the page as unfortunately the book is in a room with a sleeping baby and I rather have everyone go find out for themselves than risk waking him...
I say derived because I did knit the socks toe up, and did not follow the instructions in the book. So when I knitted the pattern itself I did not really like the way it turned out and changed it around a bit, so instead of something like knit 3 stitches in one stitch (as I said, the book is held hostage by sleeping baby...) I made one, knit one, made one. The end result seems to be just as nice, I really liked the pattern in the book and will try some other ones soon. First I shall finish some baby blankets (before Elijah grows out of the need for them...) and a pair of socks for myself.

Oh and there is the matter of the robot...


Sally said...

He is so gorgeous! Glad to hear you are both well, and lovely socks by the way!

Julie said...

Eeek! Glad you're OK now. Richard's a good 'un. I'll bet he is glad to have you both safe and sound at home.

Hurray for sleeping babies!

LOVE the colourway of those socks.

Take care of yourself.

Knitman said...

Love the socsk and gla dyou are on the mend.

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