October 30, 2006

Warm And Cozy!

I think I am almost done uploading all my pictures. There is more but these ones are the more important ones in my knitting development... So many people have asked me about my projects that I finally decided to put everything online and just send out links. But I hope that in the future I can actually include directions on how I do some of these patterns as well as progress "reports" of whatever I might be thinking of doing next.

The colorful cardigan was inspired by E.Z. . It is nice and cozy, very good sofa fashion. And I really like the fact that my wash machine has a good wool wash cycle. It is a pain to wash this heavy thing by hand!

Te blue one (and the matching pin) is made of Lopi Wool. It scratches like the straw I can occasionally still find in the material, but combine this with a turtleneck and it is warmer than anything but my wool coat! And the down coat my best friend ended up with.

Oh, and the pattern I used on this Cardigan is from the book "Folk Shawls". As you can tell by now I really like that book, just not for making shawls...

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