October 30, 2006

Cats and Wool

Here is just proof that knitters just seem to be in love with cat's. Despite the claws and teeth that usually come with them. For example the cute black and white one (yea, the innocent looking one in the small picture!) ate one of my projects once. I think I worked about 2 months on the pattern, some bavarian traditional twist-the-stitch-in-each-row thing that I had to recreate from a photo, luckily for her she was still a very cute kitten and therefore I just cut my losses and gave her dinner.
The other one got caught in the act there, but she was able to maintain her cool and did not run off with her catch. So I just untangled the wool from the claws which caused her to fall asleep on my lap.

Sadly we had to give up both of them when we moved continents, and it did upset me because I never felt we did right by the two animals. I wish I could have brought them with me but we would not have been able to give them a proper home here.

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