July 21, 2008

Having Fun Today

I have discovered how much I enjoy spinning! It took almost a decade for me to sit down and try, but now I am experimenting with a Louet Spinning wheel that a wonderful Lady from the local Historical Society has borrowed me (for an indefinite lenght of time). I am also using a drop spindle and seem to have more fun with it, although both options are very enjoyable. And slowly I am having more success, the yarn looks and feels smoother, and plying two strands works without having too much twist. I'm hooked!

I have also started to knit a couple of things I had been planning for some time, as they are patterns and I am not famous for following them. This time (I promised myself) I would not 'just change this' or 'adjust that', but go by the book, letter by letter. We shall see.
Right now I'm holding up well, and enjoy the chance to learn more tricks and techniques from the respective designers, one has to take any chance one gets!

On Baby news: he turned one year old, my Precious! Considering the tough year we had I am absolutely excited! And of course, he had no clue what was going on. But he did notice that this day meant a lot of attention for him, he was playing Casper for us. In the end he had the tummy full with fruit pie, and he ended up hitting his head in all the excitement. But he is fine, and we will party a bit longer today. The candle you see there was decorated by my husband and I. It's a family tradition, every year on your birthday one get's a candle with some relevant stuff from the previous year.

And no, it's not going to be lit. This one is for the treasure chest.

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